Subtle hues can make or break a brand

Did you know that our feelings towards colours are directly linked with our positive and negative experiences? Studies show that our favourite colour cannot scientifically be determined, rather a collection of positive experiences and subconscious associations with a particular colour will determine our chosen favourite shade or hue.

This makes perfect sense. You see, I love the colour black. I also love coral red and emerald green. If I sit and think about why I love these colours, the answer is simple. I love black because I enjoy wearing black clothes. I…

The obvious problem which no one can see

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I was born in the United Kingdom (UK) and have lived here all my life. My parents were immigrants who came to the UK in the 1980s. My parents believed in education and ensured my siblings and I focused on our studies, went to university and qualified in our respective fields with well-recognised degrees. They wanted us to reach the same heights as the children of their caucasian counterparts, if not better. They ensured we grew up in the same schooling system, participating in multiple extra-curricular activities and mingling with multi-cultural communities to ensure we were well-rounded and well-versed to…

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Dear ASOS,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I am writing this as I feel strongly about not only a gap in the market which you have not yet addressed but because I believe it’s high time you focused on creating and selling garments that truly caters to current and accurate body shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, your products are not ‘As Seen on Screen’ for all body types.

The Problem

Arguably, this letter is not for you, ASOS, alone. Most brands cater to a certain ‘easy to design for’ body shape. For each clothing size, there is a specific measurement standard…

Shift your mindset to a new positive way of thinking

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“Kismet.” This hip, trendy word is a word I have known my entire life. It’s a word that comes from the Urdu language. It means fate. It means destiny. It comes with the belief that what is meant to be will be.

For example, my mother would use the word “hip,” and I would mull over the irony of how uncool this word was. I had promised myself I would never use the word “hip,” and yet here I am. No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to find a word more relevant for that sentence.

I’m turning…

The correlation between technology and domestic abuse

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We are asked for our permission by our phones and our applications at every stage, yet we are essentially forced to accept otherwise we will be unable to use the platforms. If we cannot use the platforms, we are made to believe we will be at a loss. Therefore we accept all the conditions, sometimes without even reading the fine print because we know knowing won’t make any difference. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. We also believe we are in control of our phones. We own them. We use them. They’re in the palm of our hands, pun intended. Yet…

A consequence of ignorance and inexperience

Source: Google — CBS Oprah Winfrey Interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The most-awaited tell-all Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey drew in over 29.5 million views across the US and the UK. It has been the conversation on everyone’s lips, causing heated discussions within families, friends, and workplaces. The interview touched on so many different topics: racism, mental health, freedom, finances, and choice. It was unique and so incredibly clever from a broadcasting perspective because it found an element of relevance for each individual in the audience. Each person watching found, within the 2-hour conversation, some point of relevance that resonated with them. Many points resonated with me…

My second home.

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I miss the sound of the rickshaws, buses, motorbikes and car horns as I clench onto my seat with no seatbelt on, the fear and high blood pressure I get when I experience the whizzing of the cars in congested traffic and the lack of control I have as my driver takes the wheel.

I miss the outdoor and non-airconditioned underground markets, the smell of the dust which sticks to the sweat on my supple skin as I walk with shopping bags in my hands and negotiating with local sellers fluently in my mother-tongue, Urdu.

I miss the side-road paratha…

In the era of fast-moving technology, nothing is permanent

This topic makes me sad. It makes me sad because I love Instagram. I have always loved Instagram. However, as of late, I have become quite resentful towards the app because there are tell-tale signs they no longer have faith in themselves and that really disappoints me.

  1. They focused on others’ strengths rather than their own weaknesses. In fear of losing users, following the rise of TikTok, Instagram quickly innovated, a term I use loosely, adding a new feature in an attempt to reel people back into using their app (pun intended). All they did, though, was produce a knockoff…

A comprehensive guide

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We are in the era of side hustles. Alongside day jobs, many people have at least one project on the side whether that be blogging, influencing, photography, charity work, or a small business. I recently worked with a web developer who was a martial arts teacher in his spare time. Everyone has their own story, their own ambitions, and their own unique journeys.

Etsy is one of those platforms which enables absolutely anyone to join with zero commitment. It has competitive costing, no monthly fees — rather a 10% cost per sale, $0.20 listing fee, $0.20 renewal fee after each…

Mobile phone on a table displaying apps to support article titled “Building a Mobile App User Acquisition Strategy
Mobile phone on a table displaying apps to support article titled “Building a Mobile App User Acquisition Strategy
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Mobile Apps are the way forward. It has been found that smartphone apps have the maximum percentage of minutes spent across all age groups compared to any other mode of accessing the internet. This shows the importance for any brand to not only ensure they are able to connect with their consumers via this method but also ensure they have a robust, exciting and gripping application which entices consumers and convinces them to convert.

Maha Jabbar

As a creative, I refuse to be confined to one title, but if I have to choose an all-encompassing word to describe all that I am, I would say I am a ‘woman’.

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